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Event software, 
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What we offer

the perfect solution for any event of any size from small seminars to large events

The ease of registration of the sessions, your responsiveness and speed to effect changes has been so very appreciated...
— Global client

Extremely flexible, easy to use and very powerful

A fully integrated platform

Total flexibility

Build your event with an unlimited number of web pages, data fields, emails, forms and reports

Easy to use

A user interface with drag and drop icons, context-sensitive menus and clear functions

Online team sharing

Any member of your team in any country can access the system, including your event agency

Fixed pricing

Pay a fixed license fee based on the number of events you create each year

Dedicated support

Our team of registration experts is totally committed to customer success

Registration management service

Do it yourself and get trained on the system or outsource to EventTouch

360° support

from planning to implementation

Before events

All you need for your event whether large, small, simple or complex. Our platform, apps and services will help you plan, track and manage communication and all relevant data in the lead up to your event:

  • Event websites
  • Communications
  • Registration
  • Promotion codes
  • Payments
  • Speaker management
  • Exhibitor portal
  • Real-time reporting

during events

Smoothly move from the pre-event phase to the on-site execution of your event. Use real-time data to track and monitor the details. Share insights with your teams to so you can continually optimise the event:

    • QR code entry scanning
    • Badges & ticketing
    • Breakout session scanning
    • Exhibitor lead scanning
    • On-site registration
    • Device & equipment rental
    • Lead tracking
    • Real-time reporting

    After events

    Start following up even before the event closes. Use our API to integrate with your CRM system and ensure that data flows seamlessly to your teams. Be quick to see and share the ROI from your event:

    • Thank you mails
    • Evaluation
    • Surveys
    • End-of-event report
    • Integration with CRM
    • Lead scan reports
    • Exports
    • Real-time reporting